The purpose of this blog is to keep family and friends updated with the most recent news on Matthew. It will also document his biggest trial to date and serve as a reminder of how many people love and support him, and how much the Lord loves him when he has beat this terrible disease.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Push Along

Alright, so I am incredibly proud of my brother. Chad is serving a mission in Spain, and he has grown so much as a person. He has so much love for others. This morning we got this email from him:

"Hello my dear beloved family. How can I tell you and express my true feelings of love for you through an email? I would say it is impossible, so I pray the Holy Spirit will be here as you read so you can know and feel how much I do love you. I can think back listening to you all say that Matthew just wants to be like me, and how I need to be his example, and how he would always listen to my advice. The truth is, if I'm being honest, I have always looked up to him. I have always been jealous of him because he has always been so obedient to you, Mom, and because he has always been gifted with the ability to work and be happy. It has taken me over a year to learn those things he was born with.
I remember looking at his blog and looking at all the pictures one day in the mission office, and the AP asked me, "Why do you do that, doesnt it just make you sad and get you out of the working mood?" I told him no because he got his Patriarchal Blessing it said he will serve a full time mission and be healed. So naturally, when President Deere came to my house on Saturday night and told me that my best friend had passed away, I was really confused. I had forgotten that Patriarchal Blessings we receive are valid here on this earth and in the spirit world. When I heard dad's words from President Deere that he was serving with me, I realized and was amazed that his blessing and my prayer was completed so fast. I now have a perfect brother serving a mission with me and with all the prophets. Do you see why I have always looked up to him? Because even when I lead the way, he was always my GPS and he has, and will guide me by his example he left me.

President Deere, Elder Valenzuela, Elder Estrada and Elder Mambo gave me a blessing that night and they told me that in my prayer I will bless my family with comfort and peace. That night I prayed a lot and I hope you felt the peace I was asking for. Also, thank you for being with him 24/7. Dad, I remember I asked you if you were tired and you said no, never. I could see it in your eyes that you were. Its okay to be tired, the truth is that I'm tired. I think the Lord was even tired after his minestry and suffering. Being tired doesnt matter to the Lord, it's what you do when you're tired that matters. Family, thanks for being the best and for fighting and spending time with my hero even though you were all tired.

I would love to participate in the funeral, and I am going to love talking to you, and more than anything I'm excited to serve with the one and only T-Man. Like you said mom, God did give us the revelation that we need to lead the mission with Matthew in mind. Jenelle, thanks for the blog and tormenting him, and Hannah, thanks for just being my sister! I love you all so much and I'll be sure to fill you all in with our miracles here serving as missionaries for the one and only God!

Peace and love be to your souls,
Elder Chad Cooper Peters

PS: Alma 40 and D&C138 explain perfectly where T is and what he is doing, if you want to know. <3  LIVE FOR MATTHEW"

I was worried that he would be angry because he wasn't here for Matthew's battle with cancer, and I had the thought in the back of my mind that he might want to come home for the funeral. I'm really proud that his testimony is unwavering and he has a true desire to stay and serve. I have no idea how I got so lucky to be put in this family. All of my siblings are so awesome.

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  1. You do have a wonderful family!! Each and every one of you. Thanks for sharing this beautiful letter. :)